How to search the collection of proverbs?

General Search

First, in the left box select a category. There are four: Proverb, Continent, Country, and Language. If you select ‘Proverb’, you can search the collection for all proverbs containing the word(s) you type in the blank box at the right side of the category menu. The categories ‘Continent’, ‘Country’ and ‘Language’ enable you to search the collection for proverbs matching respectively the continent, country and the language of your choice (for languages: see the list of languages ).
Type a word, or the name of a continent, country or language in the blank box at the right side of the category menu. Then, click the Search button and the results pop up in the field below the Search button.
If, for example, you select the category ‘Proverb’, then type the word ‘hay’ in the box to the right, and click ‘Search’, the collection will be searched for all proverbs containing the word ‘hay’. As you will see in the field below the Search button, the collection contains fifteen proverbs in which the word ‘hay’ occurs.
By clicking on one specific proverb among your search results, you will find more detailed information, such as the language, continent and country from which the selected proverb originates, as well as the oral and/or written sources of the proverb concerned.

Advanced Search

By combining various search categories or selecting one or more topics addressed, you will find all available proverbs matching your search terms.
First, click ‘Advanced search’. Then, select a category in which you want to search (Proverb, Continent, Country or Language). By selecting ‘AND’ or ‘OR’ you then decide whether you want the search results to match all the criteria you select (the option ‘AND’) or only one or several of them (the option ‘OR’).
In the second category menu which appears in the Advanced search option, you may select an additional search category. If you do so, a third category menu will appear, and so forth.
If you decide to leave the second search category box blank, you can move directly to the field of topics addressed in the collection of proverbs. Here, by clicking on the boxes to the left of the various subjects, you select one or more topics.
For example, select the category ‘Proverb’. In the right box, type the words ‘human being’. For second search category, select ‘Continent’, and type ‘Asia’ as the continent where the proverb originates from. In the field of topics addressed in the proverbs, you click the box ‘Women in general’. As a result, you will find my favorite Tibetan proverb: ‘A hundred male and a hundred female qualities make a perfect human being’. Playing with the various search options you will find surprising cross-cultural results!